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Nationwide Security Solutions Inc.'s Team is dedicated to protecting the homes, businesses and families of those in the communities we serve.

Who is Nationwide Security Solutions?
We are one of the top Monitronics dealers in the nation, out of 500+, and have consistently been a leader in service and quality standards. We represent Monitronics International which is recognized as an industry leader in the latest state-of-the-art monitoring technology for burglar, fire and medical emergency systems. Monitronics has been listed on Inc. 500 Magazine's prestigious Hall of Fame. Monitronics is the third largest Alarm Monitoring Company in the country and protects over 750,000 happy customers. In addition, Monitronics is currently working hand-in-hand with the Department of Homeland Defense and Secret Service, and was even in charge of ensuring the security of the G8 Summit Conference. Nationwide Security Solutions Inc. boasts a client list that includes: Professional athletes, famous actors, law enforcement, fire and emergency response personnel, Homeland Defense Administrators, FBI Agents, District Attorneys, Military Personnel and other top officials. The same people that you trust and rely on to protect your family trust Nationwide Security Solutions to protect theirs.

Excellent Customer Service
State of the Art Equipment
Custom Installation
Superior Monitoring Plans

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